Take Advantage of Fallen Trees

Turn to us for custom sawmilling in Millbrook & Poughkeepsie, NY

Has a tree fallen on your property? Don't let it go to waste. Reach out to Albert Custom Builders, Inc for custom sawmilling. We will take the raw wood and turn it into something usable. You'll be able to use the wood for any project you are interested in.

We can take care of trees that have fallen due to storm damage or heavy wind. Instead of being stuck with a tree leaning onto your driveway, you can get fine pieces of lumber to use in your own carpentry work.

Know ahead of time:

  • Rough-sawn slabwood in large sizes and thicknesses are available
  • Great for bartops, furniture making, mantles and any project you can imagine
  • Turn your logs into your lumber or live edge slabs for your projects
  • Choose slabs we have in stock already cut and stacked. Most local species we have on hand
  • Trees that have died out or are downed by a storm are still beautiful and valuable!
  • Call 845-332-5693 now to find out more about custom sawmilling in Millbrook & Poughkeepsie, NY.

Are you looking for wood slabs for sale?

We have plenty of wood slabs for sale available. You'll be able to find the type of wood that you want in the dimensions that you need. We have a full inventory of hardwood that you can use for all kinds of projects.

Contact us today to ask about our wood slabs for sale in Millbrook & Poughkeepsie, NY.